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Hood Museum of Art

Last week, I visited the Hood Museum of Art with a friend. We sort of came upon it by accident- we were wandering around Hanover when he remembered there was a museum around… somewhere. After several failed attempts of entering academic buildings and walking around aimlessly, we saw the sign; away from the street, out of the way, under a bridge. They hide it. They hide the museum.

Some of the pieces were under glass, a few had “do not touch” signs, but no where did it say you couldn’t take pictures. “Amazing!” I thought, as I pulled out my phone (flash off) and started capturing anything that looked neat. I should also confess that I touched a BUNCH of stuff that didn’t have a “do not touch” sign. Because I’m that person.

photo 4Relief from Northwest Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud (I did not touch this)

photo 2Spirit figure

photo 1 (4)Sewing awl with bone guard

photo 3 (1)The First Thaw

photo 1 (1)Mr. Hulings’ Rack Picture. This one fooled me. I thought it was a letter collection on a board. Nope! It’s a panting!

photo 3 (2)Picasso!

photo 3Mihrab Panel, about 1604 (I touched this)

photo 1 (2)Circa 500 BC

photo 2 (3)Vase circa 504 BC

photo 4 (3)Fishing-Net Needles or Shuttles, circa 100 AD

As I was clicking away at these ancient fishing-net needles, the little man from the front desk appeared beside me. “Uhm, please, no, you cannot do that in here,” he said.
“Oh gosh, sorry! I had no idea!” I said, and stuffed my phone back in my pocket. I wasn’t even pretending, I thought I could take pictures. The best part was when he pretended not to stalk me for the rest of our visit.

After we left, my friend said it’s an understood thing that you aren’t supposed to take pictures in a museum. And then, then I see this!


Encouraging the public to take pictures IN the museum. Real cool, Hood Museum. Real cool.

Wednesday Whale Love

Valentine’s Day edition! That heart-felt holiday is just around the corner, here are some ideas for your whale-loving honey.

These pillows (or just the covers if he or she already has the right sized pillows!) will brighten up your sweetheart’s home and give them a talking point every time they have guests over:


For those fearless enough to give jewelry as a gift, this subtle bracelet might be right up your ally! I’m partial to the dark turquoise and teal bands, myself :)


And every gift should come with a card. If you  aren’t going to make one yourself, consider this adorable choice:


If you happen across any other great whale V-Day gift ideas in your internet travels, please let me know! Otherwise, Happy Wednesday!

Birthday Wish List


1. The Lego Movie Double Decker Couch play set! – I’ve been waiting for this set to appear at Wal-Mart, and now I drool on it every I’m in there.

2. Paper Towel Thing. I don’t actually care what it looks like, I just want one. I found this one on Amazon, but, like, a stick from a tree would be ok too.

3. Fred and Friends Moby Pick Party Picks– Whale that holds tooth picks? C’mon.

4. Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure – So cute!

5. Yes Please by Amy Poehler, paperback or hard cover.

6. Astro Queo A712– I thought a tablet would be helpful for craft fairs. Instead of figuring out orders and plugging in my Etsy or PayPal reader into my phone, I can just have the tablet prepped and ready to go.

I honestly think I’m super easy to shop for. I talk constantly about things I like and want, any craft project or craft supply is excellent, and then you have whales as a fall back. Because I will love anything with a whale on it. But since my brother doesn’t want to give me toys and my boyfriend keeps asking what I want, I thought this might be helpful. But if you come up with something else, guys, that’s totally cool too!


Gateway Wine

From the Summer

Over the summer, a couple of my favorite Massachusetts citizens made the trek to The Green Mountain State to spend the day with me! One of the best parts about my friendship with Mallory and Mike is that we could be doing next to nothing and we’d still be laughing and having a great time. While they were up, we decided to hit the Path of Life Sculpture Garden.

The Path of Life Sculpture Garden can best be described as a walk-around series of art installations. The perfect, hands on fun for earthy Mallory! We got lost in the maze, picked our favorite giant heads, meditated, pondered the despair of the Tree of Wisdom, and rolled down a couple of hills.

photo (1)Meditating… ish.

photo (2)Pretending to be attacked by sharks

photo (3)My favorite face! It looks so kind.

imageContemplating the Tree of Wisdom.

Mallory, the master of log-rolling.

I, however, am not so graceful… And I WISH we had a video of it, but you’ll have to settle for this picture series instead.



03This is when I realized I was in trouble.


05I desperately tried to right myself…

06But only made it worse.



And then, because Mallory was laughing so hard, she dropped her phone.

Winter is not my friend. My bones ache in the cold, my hands dry out and crack, and I never seem to be able to get enough layers on. I can hardly wait for the warm weather to come back, to wear shorts and dresses or even a t-shirt and not feel like I’m sentencing myself to a slow, cold death. Summer adventures! I’m ready for you!

Wednesday Whale Love

I’ve been eyeing these towels for awhile now. I’m a huge fan of white towels- they’re super easy to clean and disinfect because you can just toss them in the wash with a bit of bleach. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t LOVE some decorative towels to hang on the oven handle ;)





Another week already halfway over. Where does the time go? Hope it’s a good one!

Pictures from home

Here are some pictures from a recent visit with my parents in Massachusetts! Because, why not?

photo 1 (1)Chicken fingers and green bean fries via Chef Patty! Don’t worry, I didn’t arrange my plate this way. My Mom did. After I started eating. She literally touched everything.

photo 3Book store turned liquor store turned Wiens and More. And not a single hot dog in the place :/

photo 2 (3)Apparently this is was the only wine my Great Gramma would drink AKA it’s the wine of my Mom’s childhood. Nostalgia told us to get it!

photo 5Panda was not impressed.

photo 2Snooze fest 2015

photo 5 (1)I played makeup model for that spitfire in the back

photo 2 (1)Going through a pile of old pictures and cards with my Gram. My brother was the clip-art card BOSS.

photo 1 (2)And here he is!

The fun part was helping her figure out who was who from the picture pile while my Dad tried to hook up my old DVD player for her. Someone gave the poor woman a DVD for Christmas, and with her new TV she can’t even play the VCR anymore. I don’t know if he couldn’t get it to work or just decided it was going to be WAY too complicated for her, but she will (still) not be watching DVDs at home.

Birthday planning with Mom

Birthday PlanningAlso, I got a hair cut last week and am still working out how to draw my new hair. It’s like short on one side but longish on the other… Well, this:


I’ll figure it out. Happy Monday!


Am I an adult?

A few weeks ago, my parents were invited to a birthday party. My mom asked if she should pass the message along to my brothers and me but was told no, because the party was only for adults and small children.

Now, the story could have been relayed to me incorrectly. But when I first heard this I was rageful, because I was hurt. I consider myself an adult. I consider my younger brothers to be adults, as well. I spent so much of my childhood looking up to someone who, even now, doesn’t consider me an equal? My feelings were hurt, and I needed some time to process them.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter. The facts are: I’m 26 years old. I live 200 miles away from my parents.

Wareham to Windsor

I regularly set up my Lego collection on my car rug and play for hours.

Kerry Town

I eat off planet plates for almost every meal.

Space Plates(source– get your own set!)

I have a 2-foot tall stuffed penguin that sits at the kitchen table. (At least for right now,) I run a small business out of my home. I’m honest, and I know the weight that words can carry.

As long as I’m happy with who I am, how others view me doesn’t matter.

Wednesday Whale Love

Any of these / ALL of these pillows would look great on my little blue Ikea sofa :)

I’m still working through this book, but the third that I’ve read so far has been really enjoyable!


Pillows with non-rectangle shapes always catch my eye. How fun is this one?


And who doesn’t love the Squid and the Whale?! Plus, when they aren’t pillowing around, you could play fight with them.


Hope your Wednesday isn’t dragging and that the rest of your week isn’t boring!

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