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A gift tag craft project.

I’ve never been a fan of buying gift tags. A couple years ago I shared a project where I used homemade stamps to make some tags. These are along the same lines but instead of trees we’ll be making snowmen! And no stamping.


white card stock
googly eyes
hole punch
ribbon or string

I started with a template in Photoshop. Nothing fancy, just a circle on top of a slightly larger circle.


I inserted my template into Microsoft word: 2 on a page, one on top of the other. I right aligned them, because there’s some folding involved up ahead. Print on card stock!


Cut the page down the middle, so you have two half sheets with a snowman on each. Fold the sheet along the very edge of the snowman, making sure that a piece of the head and torso hit the fold. This is what will allow your snowman to open and close!


Cut off that gray areas. Snippy snip snip!


Now for the fun part! Punch a hole where the left eye should go and glue on a googly eye for the right eye. I drew on a carrot nose and a coal smile but you can do whatever you want. Little felt top hat, construction paper nose, make it your own.


Tie some ribbon or string though that open eye socket.


And attach to gifts as needed!


If you’re making your own gift tags this holiday season please make sure to share them with me! Post to our Facebook wall, send us a tweet, or tag us on Instgram @thetragicwhale. Happy crafting!

Wednesday Whale Love!

I know I’ve been absent for a while and I was working on this elaborate post where I explained myself but then I was just kind of like, “Uhm, nah……” (Although it is saved in drafts so maybe it will make an appearance in the future.)

The holidays are just around the corner and you might need an idea or two for that special whale-lover in your life. My go-to for all things gifts is always Modcloth. Always. I spent 3 hours on my phone last night browsing gifts. And I finished my shopping weeks ago. But this whale whisk is a great idea for any chef! Quirky kitchen gadgets are always a hit.


For the clean-freak in your life, this adorable nail brush will brighten up their bathroom & their finger nails.


And perhaps the item I have been coveting most since I moved into my apartment, the Whale Welcome Mat.


The perfect mat for the perfect home.

I hope everyone’s Wednesday is warm and dry! We’ve gone some kind of rain/snow mix happening outside right now and the view from my window is about as close as I’m willing to get to it :)

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