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Hey! Guess what?

This is my Dad!


Today is his birthday. Some fun facts about my Dad:

He was born the year they started making the Lincoln Memorial Penny.

He used to fix airplanes.

He doesn’t like hot dogs.

A lot of people think they have the best Dad in the world. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. But you know what? I have the best dad for me. He is supportive of all my endeavors. He always takes my call. He cleans off my car when it snows, no matter how much snow is heaped on it. And he hugs me and tells me he loves me every day.

Happy birthday, Dad! I hope I win the gift-giving competition!

Let’s watch SVU with my Mom.

My Mom watches a lot of Law & Order, Special Victims Unit. Like, A LOT. Like, if my Dad can’t find a marathon on TV she just won’t watch TV. And while she’s watching it, my Mom says the most hilarious things.  Obviously, it might be hard to offer an open invitation to anyone who would like to watch TV with us, so I drew some pictures to try and capture some of my favorite / the most common moments. 

As you may know, the plots are incredibly complicated. There’s basically no structure to the episodes at all. If only they could set it up like Part 1) introduce the victim, dead or alive; Part 2) meet key characters; Part 3) trial; Part 4) music and credits. At least with a little structure my Mom wouldn’t have to continually ask:


This is pretty common. She often falls asleep after the first 15 minutes OR wakes up with 15 minutes to go. I’m not sure if she has ever seen an entire episode in one sitting.


She has never stood up at Town Meeting when she’s had an idea or objection, but she could have presided over an entire courtroom in her youth…


Due in part to falling asleep, and general not-paying-attention-ness, she often misses the entrance of key characters. This question comes up several times per episode.


And my personal favorite: 


Me too, Mom. Me too. 

Delayed response.

My Mom is the type of person who gets a little hurt when she posts something on Facebook and no one likes it or comments on it. Immediately.

Here’s a perfect example. The other day, she re-posted this cute little cardinal. And after 43 minutes, she could not understand why no one else thought it was cute.

So she commented on it.


I almost liked it, but caught myself because I realized no one else had, and I wanted to see what she would do. But her comment, passively asking why no one agreed with her, was too hilarious. So I liked that, instead!


Annnnnndddd she liked her own comment.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that my Mom has a Facebook. I love watching her interact with her friends, get in heated discussions on our town’s Facebook page about what constitutes a “private road,” and (obviously) when she has a post fail. It makes me feel like I’m prepping for teenagers.

Wednesday Whale Love

Whale duffle edition!

I want to make a duffle bag. I’ve been looking for patterns online and studying them in stores (read: Target) get get a better idea of how they’re made. I want to create something simple but still give it my own spin. Here are some beauts I happened upon in my research.

I’ve seen a larger, blue version of this one before.


I really like how the mouth is an extra pocket. I LOVE pockets!

I wish, wish, WISH I had the patience to knit / crochet because I would be all about something like this:


But I just can’t get into it. It takes too long for me to transfer the idea in my head into a net of yarn knots. I have a friend who’s pretty good at it, though. I’ll just leave the crocheting to her.

I think this one is my favorite though:


I like how the front part is 2 pockets, it puffs up to a realistic whale shape, and it looks pretty roomy.

When/ if I ever get around to this project I will definitely share pictures!

Shout out to Aerie!

Aerie, the American Eagle underwear brand, decided that they aren’t going to retouch their models anymore.


WHOA, WHAT?! Yeah, that’s what I said. No photoshopping, tweaking, editing, erasing. Nothing. What you see if how they look. Covered in moles? Face blemish? Tattoo? Those weird skin wrinkles we get when we sit and twist a little sideways? All there.

Look! This girl has a piercing hole in her belly button!


And this one has a tattoo! And curves!


The shift from the “ideal” woman to a more realistic woman is something I wish started 10 years ago, when I was a teenager. Not that I tried to change my body to fit into a special mold, but I did spend years hiding in boys clothes because I didn’t know what to do with myself. I only have a few cousins left at this formative and confusing age, and I can only hope that this trend in advertising continues (strong and confident women with beautiful and REAL bodies) and they become comfortable with themselves years earlier than I did.

The reception seems to be good so far, from E News saying the models look happier, to more than 3 minutes of positive air time on Good Morning American.

I have pictures of my grandmother, always a curvy woman, rocking her body at the beach in the 50s. She looks so happy, so confident.  I know that some of that was just her personality and strong will, but she was also comfortable in her own skin. Had I found these pictures in high school, would I have looked at myself differently? Will seeing un-edited women in advertising positively effect how my cousins views themselves?

What do you think of these new ads?

And now for something completely different-

A man with two noses!

Just kidding. But I thought I would share a NICE work story! Some days are rough. It’s like bullets of negativity are coming from every direction. And then someone will say something so incredibly nice that nothing else matters.

work stories 20Has anyone unexpectedly brightened your day lately?

Work story, 19

The case of the “wrong” number…

work stories 19

Wednesday Whale Love

This week is all about clever whale bags!

This dice bag is super nifty. If it was a little bigger I think it would make a great beach bag!


I’ve had my eye on this precious purse for such a long time!


And this. Ah! It’s beautiful! Amazing! Adorable! So many other adjectives! It’s perfect. I would take it everywhere.


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

DIY space shirt

Today I’m going to show you how to make your very own, glow in the dark space shirt. I love anything that glows in the dark, anything I can do myself, and anything neat. And I think space shirts are pretty neat.

You will need:


– T-shirt
– card stock
– exact-o knife
– glow in the dark fabric paint
– foam brush ( I used a spouncer)

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Cut out some stencils. This was tedious. I did a Google search of “planets, “star burst,” and, “space,” and found clip art ish pictures to use. I moved them into Microsoft Word, sized them down to about 2 inches, printed them on card stock,  and then carefully cut them out with an exact-o knife. If you’re more artistic, you can probably free hand some cool designs. But you’ve seen my comics. I needed the internet for this. Make sure you leave the surrounding paper intact, you’ll need it to hold / keep the paint only in the shape.


Step 2:

Prep your t-shirt. I used an old one I already had but if you buy a new shirt to use, consider washing it first. If they fabric isn’t pre-shrunk and you wash it AFTER you apply the paint, your stars and planets could wrinkle up a bit.

I placed a piece of cardboard in the shirt, for 2 reasons. The first was I didn’t want the paint bleeding through and drying, because then the layers would get stuck. But also, I wanted to make sure I had a smooth surface to work on.

Step 3:

Time for paint prep! I used Tulip Soft glow in the dark paint, as opposed to puff paint. This paint is designed to be painted on and it’s a little more flexible than puff paint, so it’s perfect for a project like this. After shaking it well (the bottle says to), I squeezed some into a soda bottle cap and worked from there. I like soda bottle caps because they are small and it cuts down on my paint waste.


Step 4:

Finally, time to create! Take one of your shapes and hold it down firmly on your shirt. Dab your spouncer in the paint, and then bounce it on top of your stencil. You don’t want to drag it as this will make the paint more likely to bleed out of the stencil shape.


When you lift it up, you should see a planet!


Step 5:

Continue until your shirt is covered. And paint splatter is a good thing. It’ll give your shirt that galaxy-haze!


Step 6:

Let it dry (see paint bottle for drying instructions), charge it up, and ENJOY!


It turns out that I have to find a way to put A LOT more paint on at one time, since the stencils don’t leave a “second coat” option.  But if you click that picture and look at it real big you can see the planets! I’m happy with how this first-attempt turned out, and I cannot wait to make more!

Good life.

Hey! It’s my Dad!

Good Life

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