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January in Review

I’m going to try a monthly review project, in the hopes that it will help me stay focused on blogging. I also think it could help me expand on post topics, since I have to look back at all the work stories I shared this month and see that it doesn’t leave me a lot of other things to pick from.

See? Already helping.

My favorite posts from January:

Reminiscing about last winter when my Mom tried to explain how wireless internet works…


I shared how I sent a letter to the White House in October and, as luck would have it, I received a letter back!


An adorable man was mean to me at work. I have a friend who says that the weirdest things happen to me and if she didn’t see so many of them first hand she would not believe me. This was one of those instances.


And I shared my weekend Netflix queue, which was probably a little boring. But sometimes I’m boring! And I want other people who are part-time documentary-watching hermits to know that they have a place in the world.

My favorite whale find of January was… Definitely the non-slip shower whales! So cute and so perfect for ANY shower!


And I’m going to set a goal for February. Something to, like, shoot for. Right? I’m a terrible blogger because I’m not an ACTIVE blogger. I plan most of my posts on the weekend and generally avoid my blog during the week. And I spend all my free time crafting and watching PBS specials and zoning out. I don’t keep up with many other blogs, and I’ll end up binge-reading an afternoon away. I find it so hard to engage. I need to work on engaging. Keeping up with people I like. That sort of thing.

What was your favorite thing about January?

Wednesday Whale Love!

I’m going nuts over these mini shower mats! My brain switched to house-stuff mode when I started apartment hunting. These would MAKE my bathroom!


I like plastic beads because they don’t smash like glass beads have  a tendency to do when you, say, throw your coat against a wall. Or run into a door. Or trip down a hill and slam into a tree. I’m not saying these things have happened to me, I’m just saying glass beads can shatter and are sharp. But I bet these little cuties would stand up to all the abuse I could throw at them!


This card set is super adorable! Naturally, I would want mine to say, “W is for Whale!” since I love whales. Who knew, right? Plus, I love stickers.


And, hey! It’s Wednesday! Where has the week gone?

How The Green Mile was named.

Watching television with my Mom last night…

The Green Mile

This weekend on Netflix…

I don’t watch a lot of regular television. I don’t watch the news. I don’t watch the weather. I get my current event updates from Facebook. What I DO watch is Netflix. And what do I watch primarily? Documentaries!

I have to be real with you. I love, love, LOVE learning! Plus there’s never a plot you have to keep up with or characters you have to keep track of in a documentary, so it’s excellent for crafternoon background noise.  I spend most weekends holed up in my room, pattern tracing, fabric cutting, machine sewing, and with program after program playing on the computer screen in front of me.

This might be boring for you (the recap was certainly boring for my parents, as was made  abundantly clear last night at dinner) but it’s my blog, about me, and I don’t care.  BAHAHA. Sorry if that was mean.

National Geographic: World’s Most Dangerous Drug– Who knew meth was so popular? The creators of Breaking Bad, that’s who.

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust– Charlie Chaplain is hilarious. And it was interesting to see how Hollywood’s depiction of the Holocaust has changed over time, what they show and how they show it.

I Am– I’m 100% about searching for my place in the world and trying to find myself. So if you like that sort of thing, DROP YOUR LIFE AND WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW. I was glued to the screen. No crafting took place during this. I felt like just watching it had a freeing affect.

Nova: Bombing Hitler’s Dams– Uhm, I thought this was going to be all about how they bombed Hitler’s Dams. But instead they lost most of the footage and all of the designs and records after the War so this was REALLY about taking the idea to bounce cylindrical bombs at the dams and figuring out how to do that. From scratch.

Big as Life: Obesity in America– Why don’t they make a show called “Skinny People in America?” Where skinny people struggle to put weight on and hate their bodies and get accosted in public and sometimes have trouble finding clothes that fit? Oh, yeah. Because of the gross double standard where skinny people are automatically healthy and heavy people are automatically unhealthy.

The Canal Street Madam– So because the court made this lady “retire” from running a brothel she now sells homemade candles from her home. And if she likes you she will have sex with you. Because she just really likes to have sex. Also, the candles are $300.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Story– Every gal needs a roll model and E.R. is DEFINITELY one of mine. And she didn’t even come into her own until she was, like, in her 30s!

Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska– They brought in a specialist to read people’s facial language to see if they were telling the truth or not.

And I started watching Deadly Women. It starts at Season 2. I really like crime shows but watching one just about women is kind of weird. They spend a lot of time talking about how these acts go against the nature of women. Hey! Guess what! Not everyone is a great person!

And while I soaked all of that in, I worked on some bags for this woman who sort of works with my Mom. But more on that project later :)

The cutest veteran: a work story.

Let me tell you about this adorable old man I helped today. And how he reacted when he found out I would not be able to put the Veteran Indicator on his license.

The Veteran Indicator is something that Massachusetts started doing about a year and a half ago. Veterans can show us a copy of their discharge papers, showing they were honorably discharged from service, and then we put this little star with “VETERAN” on their license. Some places, like Home Depot, give discounts to veterans so this is a  handy thing to have. The Registry and the Veterans Affairs Association worked together on this, and the VA has dictated very specifically that we can only accept DD-214s, DD-215s, and certificates of honorary service, which they gave out for World War II.

So the first part of our time together went something like this:

work stories 15 (p1)

His daughter was with him. She was so patient and helpful! She helped collect all of his service-related ID cards out of his wallets. None of them were discharge papers. I took a couple of them over to my manager. Sometimes I think we can’t accept something, but then she sees it and she’s like, “Yeah, this is fine!” And then everyone is happy and smiling and all is wonderful.

Except we totally couldn’t take anything he had with him! Which made the second part of our time together similar to this:

work stories 15 (p2)

His daughter was mortified. And amazing. She was apologizing and trying to coax him out of the building, promising him they would come back because she knew exactly where his paperwork was. I’ve seen frustrated people before. They all react differently. And he was feeble, he spent most of the time sitting, so I didn’t think he was going to hurt me. Technically we’re supposed to call the police when someone mentions a bomb but it seemed a little empty since he could barely walk.

And that’s the story of the first time I was called a slut!

Wednesday Whale Love!

These are definitively some beauties I’d love to add to my collection :)

LOVE IT! So very cute and practical.


Oh and hey, it comes in six different colors. Wahoo!

I have a massive collection of pull-over hoodies from H&M, but they don’t carry the style anymore and mine are really wearing out! This would make a great replacement for the grey one I turned into a shark.


Plus, gray goes with basically everything.

This box is so adorable.


It would look great on my desk with some pencils in the fins and sewing supplies in the mouth!

Hope your Wednesday wasn’t as cold and snowy as mine!

Shop update.

I have all these projects I’m supposed to be working on, which makes me feel like I can’t sew for my shop. That doesn’t mean I don’t, mind you. I’m just more sluggish with it because I know there are other things I should be doing.

Which is why I spent a portion of this this weekend reworking some of my expired listings. While I didn’t retake any pictures, but I did rework some of the descriptions so my listings have uniform descriptions. And I  updated the search terms so these items would show up in more searches. I added a couple of new bags, just things I hadn’t gotten around to listing yet.

This also gives me an at-a-glance look at my stock, and what sections I should focus on building up.

I feel like this post was kind of boring. Hopefully I’ll have some exciting things to share soon :)

You know, those sleep fuzzies!

sleep fuzzies

Work stories 14.

I came up with this brilliant idea at lunch to take the rest of my emergency car tissues, stuff them down only one side of my shirt, and see if anyone at work noticed. The difference wasn’t super obvious head on, but from above there was a solid 2 cup size difference.

One particularly tall customer caught just the right angle.

work stories 14He did not look at me for the rest of his visit, ahaha. So worth it.

Wednesday Whale Love: Squid Ink Kollective

I’m always on the hunt for some great whale finds (obviously), and anytime I can find a shop with multiple whale-related items for sale I get super excited! Because 1) if I can get all the things I want from the same place, even online, I know it’s going to save me time and money (be it travel or shipping or whatever) and 2) I like to support shops that sell things I love by buying things .

Or, as is usually the case with Wednesday Whale Love, make a list of things and cross my fingers for the next holiday or birthday.

Anyway, last weekend I happened upon Quid Ink Kollective. I found a cool shirt, then realized they had a narwhal thing, and then I poked around a little more and they have so beautiful creations! Oh, and most of the t-shirts are on sale :)

Have you seen a happier narwhal?

I bet not.

This shirt looks similar to a tattoo my friends and I are planning on!

And this tea towel is so precious:

How could I not want it for my imaginary future kitchen?

I didn’t include sources because all of these wonderful things can be found right in Squid Ink Kollective’s etsy shop. Go! Check it out! And have a great Wednesday!

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