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2013: a Review.

I started 2013 with a fantastic list of resolutions, and  it turned out to accurately describe my year. OOPS! So for my only post this December, I’m going to reflect on those “goals” and offer up a year-end review.

1) Eat More, Exercise Less.
-I didn’t run or roller blade or bike ride or promise to partake in a 5k and I spent almost no time at the beach this summer even though I bought a beach sticker. I did walk a lot with Stephanie but only until it got chilly outside aha. Then she tried to convince me to join a gym with her and I responded with a sad face and hoped she wouldn’t bring it up again. I ate so many hot pockets that I hot-pocketed myself out. I ate a lot of pizza and a lot of mac&cheese. Om nom nom. SO GOOD!

2) Don’t leave Massachusetts.
-While I didn’t make it to California or NYC (as I secretly aspired), I did visit Vermont a half dozen times. So many times, in fact, that I made new friends (multiple), on top of one of my very best friends (acquired at college. Read: go to college, make best friends).

3) Reading Goal for 2013: 1 Book.
-I finished 3. So while I tripled my goal, it was a pretty pathetic goal and nothing to be proud of.

4) Drink more Soda.
-I think I drank about the same amount of soda. Although my dental hygienist did suggest I cut down drastically, or limit soda to meals instead of for a breakfast snack, for the sake of my teeth. Yeah, I didn’t do that.

5) Run Desert Sand into the Ground.
-She died. And allegedly went to the car graveyard down the street from my house but I’m going to check into that. Her replacement, Green Car, has no problems to report (yet). And because I was determined not to be swindled, I made out very well when purchasing her. I’m not saying my actual salesman loved me, but I left happy and that matters more. To me.

6) Continue to Live with my Parents.
-Success! The only child, and oldest child, still bunkered down at home. Yes, my brothers make fun of me. Yes, it makes it hard to bring random men home since I’m not allowed to have boys in my bed. And yes, I’m basically obligated to watch Panda whenever my parents go out. But at least the rent is cheap? (SO CHEAP!)

7) Spend Frivolously.
-I started aggressively saving this year. Then my car needed replacing and my savings went with her. Then it took me a couple of months to get back on track, with insurance and excise tax and all that jazz. But I’m back on track, and only a dozen new dresses later!

8) Neglect The Tragic Whale: Blog & Shop.
-So, this happened. I shut my shop down during the winter, spring, and summer. I haven’t blogged, really blogged, in months. This was never my intent. My sincerest apologies to any readers left.

9) Dress Down, Every Day.
-Uhm, so there was a span of time where I wore the same pair of jeans for 3 weeks without washing them, and with visible food and smutz on them. Coupled with sweatshirts I pulled out of the bottom of my laundry basket, AKA the place I hide my sweatshirts from myself when they really, really, REALLY need to be cleaned. Because they have spaghetti sauce or chocolate or salsa down the front. It was a rough year.

10) Allow the World to Crush Me.
– Success! I already said it was a rough year (see above sentence). And for a while it literally felt like a great pressure was pushing down on my shoulders, which made it hard to breathe and then sleep and then think. But with my world-class crew of doctors I was able to get everything in check! Even though I was being pushed down, I pushed back. So I guess, in the end, I won.

BAM! In your face, 2013!

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