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The Halloween Orca

I’ve never been a huge fan of dressing up, but when I started working for the RMV and heard that we could dress up for Halloween I was ALL OVER it. Why? Simple. It’s very cold in our office and with the right costume I can wear my hood at work. All. Day Long.

The last two years I went as a shark, but I decided to change it up after watching a killer documentary on Orca whales. They are so smart and great problem solvers!


For example. You’re an Orca and you love eating baby seals. They are just so yummy. Only problem? They hang out mostly on and near land. Yikes. How are you going to nom that little sucker?


Solution: throw yourself onto the shore, snag a seal pup, and wiggle back into the ocean.

And don’t forget to let it swim around a bit, and toss it into the air a few times before biting it in half! Because there is nothing better than playing with your food.


I tried to get some good action shots at work, but obviously I had to wait until we had a customer-free office.

One of my co-workers, Marylou, who specifically requested a blog shout-out, referred to me as a shark 4 times. Totally ok, since I have teeth and a fin like a shark. Even the penguin guess made sense. The ones that  made less sense were, “Barney,” “Pajamas,” “a witch, or maybe a devil because of the things around [your] head,” and “a sheep.”

photo (16)

My favorite was from this guy who asked if I was wearing a costume, followed by, “Are you supposed to be a sunflower?”

“I’m supposed to be a whale!” I said.

“Why do you have petals around your face?”

“Those are supposed to be teeth,” I said.

“Oh, hmm.”

This last picture is part of my imaginary PSA for Right Whale and Roseate Turn plates. It seemed appropriate.


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! I’m taking creative suggestions year-round for next year’s sweatshirt costume!

Wednesday Whale Love: Want List.

The holidays are creeping up fast and I know it is sometimes difficult for my family to shop me. My brother Joey already asked me outright what I wanted, but where is the surprise?! So this week’s Wednesday Whale Love will double as a want list. You’re welcome, family!

(Obvi, these are loose ideas if you’re in a creative bind. I will love anything you get me. EXCEPT sour candy.)

This amazing sweatshirt:


Size medium, gray is fine. The other animals make it fun, but I’m all about those front-and-center whales!

I was really after a sweater. I just got a bird sweater and an owl sweater and I saw a fox sweater but no where can I find a whale sweater! Even though this is a men’s sweater, I think I could still rock it with a pair of skinny jeans.


Size medium, I like the orange one best. It’s wool, which leads me to believe it might be itchy, but hopefully I could fit a long sleeved shirt under it without bulking it up too much.

I think this is just a shirt with a hood attached, but that’s kind of cool.


Any color but white, and probably a medium. Honestly, I just really like that whale!

So, in conclusion, I hope everyone is having a fab week!

Yeah. Yeah, I transition well.

I just look absent.

I know it basically looks like I hate my blog and I’ve abandoned it. This is (mostly) not true! I uninternationally back burnered it and let sewing consume my free time.

But look! I have a collection of draft postings just waiting to be finished! (Read:started. I haven’t gotten further than the tittles on most of these.)

Neglected Blog

Balance has always been a struggle for me. If I blog all the time, I don’t sew. If I sew all the time, I don’t hang out with anyone. If I try to be more social, I don’t mail out shop orders in a timely fashion. If I want to read a book, I forget to eat lunch.

Now, I don’t know about where you are, but it’s a beautiful day at our house so I’m going to go exploring! Or organize my work space with the windows open :)

Wednesday Whale Love!

I thought office supplies would be a good subject for today, tying into Sunday’s tape dispenser want list ;)

I don’t know how this gem alluded my search! It looks like it could be a high school Plastics class project, but I think it is absolutely darling.

OfficeAnimals TapeDisp-Whale(source)

I already have 3 staplers for home and 2 for work, but none of them are whales. Obvi, I need one.

Monkey Business Moby Stapler(source)

I found this one on the Japanese version of Amazon. I have no idea what the currency conversion is, but that doesn’t mean I’m not in love. Look at those little eyes! He looks like he’s smiling at you, ahaha.


Have a great week, everyone!

My mom joins the Tweeter community.

Pbaz really likes Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t know if it’s because she heard about his beef with Kanye or if she saw Jimmy’s show about it, but she woke up last Saturday with the overwhelming need to sign up for tweeter (also known as Twitter) and follow Jimmy Kimmel. And because technology is hard and no other children were home, I got to help.

After re-downloading the app (turns out she had it before) and realizing she already had a tweeter account (which is logical, knowing now that she had the app before), we weren’t able to follow Jimmy Kimmel. Because we were already following Jimmy Kimmel. We ran into the same problem with Sarah Silverman. The only two people Pbaz has any interest in following on her new tweeter account are the only two people she was already following on her pre-existing tweeter account.

So we’re following Sarah Silverman and we come across this tweet, which we LOVE. Hilarious. We laughed and laughed and showed all two people in the house.


We love it so much, we’re inspired to send our very first tweet ever.


Which was immediately followed by this:


The culprit. So convincing, right? No joke, had me fooled initially.


Tweeter is just too confusing. How do you talk to people? How do you see if they liked your post? I think I’m getting off this thing. I don’t get it.

But Joey and I follow Pbaz. No recent activity still leaves hilarious hope for the future.

Tape dispenser want list.

I love tape. I have so much and so many different kinds. Washi tape for wrapping orders. Clear tape for wrapping gifts. Duct tape for, uhm, everything? Packing tape for fake-laminating things. Electrical tape for emergency wire-wrapping situations. But I don’t have a lot of tape dispensers! I have the one I painted to look like a whale, and another one I got to paint like a whale and haven’t yet. But tape dispensers are so practical, and I have so much tape that’s just laying around, dispenser-less!

The only logical solution is to start a collection of tape dispensers. I didn’t realize there are so many different kinds! And they’re (mostly) all amazing. Except those shoe ones. Those are just ridiculous. I could buy all these myself, OR I can post them on my blog in hopes that my family needs some Christmas ideas :) :) :)

Legos! 1) legos are bomb and 2) they connect together which is, also, bomb.


Turtle dispenser. So cute.


Penguin for multiple tapes at once.


Cassette tape to confuse the younger folk.


Sewing machine! Explanation not necessary.


I love collecting things, but I don’t have too many practical collections. This would really be great!

Does anyone else collect practical things?

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