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Tragic Whale Organic hits the shop :)

Announcing  the new Organic Section!


I started featuring organic fabric a couple months ago, but I didn’t feel comfortable advertising the bags as organic because they only had one little piece on them. After a lot of thought, I decided to make them as organic as possible. So these bags are organic cotton inside, organic cotton outside, and organic thread! (More on that thread later. We have a love / hate relationship). I still use plastic zippers and I still use synthetic interfacing.


While I still have partially-organic bags in the regular shop sections, the all-organic bags are in their own section. I know this might make it harder to search for specific items, it’s easier to  find the organic-specific items.

What makes this fabric organic? I had no idea and had to do a lot of reading. The cotton I’m using is GOTS certified organic, which is the Global Organic Textile Standard. Basically there are all these rules about pesticides and low-environmental impact processes and other science stuff. You can read more about it here. All I really know is it’s less harmful to the planet. And I think that’s cool.

There aren’t too many things in there yet (I only bought one spool of thread), but we’ll see how it turns out :)

Shop update: New section!

Introducing the “Re-purposed and Rescued” section!


I have been THROWING myself into my shop (which I think I mentioned before?). I eat, sleep, and breathe sewing. Almost literally. I do this thing where I put unwrapped food in my pockets for snacking, like cookies and bagels, and sometimes when I pull them out they have thread on them. I’m constantly pulling thread off myself at work from the weirdest places, like sweater armpits. Like, how? Anyway, it’s serious.

I’ve been searching for ways to branch out and grow in my shop, and having a section of items made from re-purposed fabric and rescued fabric made a lot of sense. Plus, if I’m using something that would otherwise be discarded I’m helping to reduce waste.

The re-purposed part is self explanatory. I’m taking things and turning them into other things. Like this bag used to be a really nice dress!


I mean, sure someone else could have worn the dress, but how is that fun for me? Exactly. It’s not. Also, it’s so fancy looking! I have a few more dresses waiting to be transformed, as well as some funky cloth napkins.

The rescued fabric bags are mostly comprised of vintage fabric that I don’t have dates for. In my extensive vintage-related research, I learned that (basically) in order to label something as “vintage,” you need to be able to attach a year to it. Like my Vintage 1980s Smurf bed sheets. Or my Vintage 1939 license plate. I can’t do that for, like, any of this fabric. But I did rescue it, and thus “Rescued Fabric.”

As you can see, the section looks a little sparse…


But it will get there! I have to rummage around in my stash for some of the pieces my friend picked up at some thrift stores on Martha’s Vineyard. Eventually, these may become two separate sections. But I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve and I might need the section space for that!

And that’s what’s up. It’s just sew city up in here, kids! Sew city.

One successful giveaway!

The Tragic Whale giveaway on The Waiting was a success! Emily said it was her best one yet, which is awesome for the both of us. I’m really excited about it because I love contests, and giving things away.

Just ask my brothers’ about this. They tell me I’m “doing it wrong,” relatively often.

But whatever! A big congratulations to Emily from The Okayest Mom! (So many Emilys, right?)

Go check out both Emilys’ blogs because they are both fantastic, while I work on a couple new sections for my shop.

Have a great Tuesday!

Good things!

Today was a great day! I know I already mentioned it on Facebook but I’m working with Emily from The Waiting for a Giveaway today! You can win your pick of your three favorite items from my shop! I’m especially excited because this is my first Giveaway. And I like to wrap things.

I took advantage of my sunny lunch with the cloth backdrop I worked on last night.


Now I have to decide if I want to change the background of all my shop listings to white (kind of boring), or maybe mount a piece of wood on that thing. I’m really thrilled because as long as I keep the backdrop and my tripod in my car, I’ll be ready for a photo shoot when ever the sun is.

And finally, we got to listen to my Mom’s new favorite song during dinner.

She just heard it for the first time today and, in true Bazinet fashion, she will listen to it on repeat until she hates it.

Pins from Mal

Sometimes (read, usually) I sort of stress out about what to blog about. Because part of me is all, “It’s my blog! I can blog whatever!” And this other part of me is all, “Focus, you idiot! Focus, focus, FOCUS!” Then I start making lists and get lost in my head and I just go sew something instead.

But this is a life blog, right? It’s about my life. And I try to share things that make me happy, or make me laugh, or fill me with joy, or make me shake my head and ask, “Why me?” which I HAVE to laugh about because if I’m not laughing then I might be crying and this is not a place for those shenanigans.

Anyway, one of my favorite things to see in my inbox is the little tag line “Mallory via Pinterest, Mallory sent you a pin on Pinterest!” She sends the best things! Projects we can do, projects she wants me to do, projects she wants to do, things that make us laugh. Even if I’m having an off day, I know, as soon as I see the email, that it’s about to turn around.

And this is the part where I share some of my favorites. I know, I know. You did not see that coming.





What do your friends do that make you smile?

The new hamper adventure.

My parents went shopping this weekend for some new fall fashions and came home with a new hamper. Say what you will about hampers, I love them! If there is one thing I look forward to buying for my very own home / apartment / not my childhood bedroom in my parents basement, it’s a hamper. And what do we do when my parents buy new things?

Funny Situations Starring Panda!

Hamper 3

He did that hilarious thing where he tries to splay out his little toes in an effort to avoid being lowered into a confined space. Oh, Panda!

Hamper 1

What I really like about this hamper is the separating bag things so you don’t have to rummage around a big pile of dirty laundry trying to keep the colors out of the bleachables. Obviously, Panda had to go in with the towels and socks.

Hamper 4

He loves me. I swear.

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