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Crafts: bow belt fix

On Monday I went shopping with my cousin and found a super cute belt marked down to $5! It had an elastic band and a snap in the back, aka not adjustable. I could tell that it was several inches too big. Problem? Naw. I bought that shit anyway.

As you can see, it hangs a little low…



What’s a grrrl with a sewing machine to do? Cut it apart.

photo 2

Trim it down.

photo 3

Singe the edges to protect against fraying.

photo 4

Stick the pieces back in place.

photo 5

Stitch it up.

photo 2 (1)

And rock it!

photo 3 (1)

Man, ever since I got an iPhone, taking pictures has gotten so much easier! But the quality is obviously not as good as my digital camera. I’m going to vote it a toss up because this project took 15 minutes with picture taking, and you just can’t beat that.

Say Anything

Say Anything 02 001

Wednesday Whale Love!

That’s right, it’s Wednesday again! Already! And check these neat whale finds I… found… :)

Cute little whale gift boxes. Think of the candies and trinkets you could fill them with!

This awesome little print:

This bracelet is beautiful! And customizable you say? Oh, yes please! I don’t wear bracelets too much anymore, but rest assured. I would rock this baby every day.

Hope you’re having a fab Wednesday! I’ve got a sewing date with my cousin later! Can’t wait to see what creations we turn out today :)

Man with a Van.

work stories 05

Uh oh…

I got myself a label maker for my birthday!


And it came in the mail today!! Just in time for my craft-cation :)


Stay crafty!

Photo an hour: blizzard status.

8 am, Assessed the snow situation. Nothing new on the ground yet.

8 am

9 am, Did some Valentines Day craft related shopping.

9 am

10 am, Hunted down a sleeping Panda.

10 am

11 am, Executive decision to rock my glasses today. Sometimes my eyes just need a break from contacts.

11 am

12 pm, Target trip with Mal. We found giant frogs!

12 pm

1 pm, Booze World trip with Mal. So many wines to choose from!

01 pm

2 pm, Snow assessment. It doesnt look like much, but there is also a big tree just out of view that blocks a lot of things from falling on the ground. Excpt pine needles, it helps with falling pine needles.

2 pm

3 pm, Conned Panda into wearing his rain slicker so he would match Dad!

3 pm

4 pm, Sewing and watching Netflix, and staying nice and toasty!

4 pm

5 pm, Checking out the news with my Dad. Yikes!

5 pm

6 pm, Grilled cheese and soup for dinner! We had to eat early because the lights were flickering and we didn’t want to be midway through cooking and have to abandon ship.

6 pm

Imma peace out. I’m afraid we’re going to lose power and I need to make sure I have all my flashlights on hand and with fresh batteries. Stay warm and safe in this crazy storm!

Weekend projects

This past weekend I ticked off some projects from my long “to do” list! I finished lining a baby seat cover for my friend’s mom:

baby seat

(She asked for this in July… Sorry it took so long, Hannah!)

Made a coin purse for my mom:


She’s got a couple friends at work who have been asking for them, and decided she wants one too! I coated it in scotch guard, which I’ve never used before I think I might start using regularly.

A little dino for an old friend:

photo 3

I’ve made these before, but for some reason it took me 3 tries to get this little guy right. His eyes kept coming out lopsided or falling out. It was weird.

Some wallets for my brother:

photo 4

I added wallets to my list in October. To make these, I used a pattern I found online. But I think they came out a little tight so I’m going to spend some time tweaking it before any show up in the shop.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday Whale Love!

Today is my Gramma’s birthday! She would have been 76. (This is my Mom’s mom, not my Dad’s mom.) Growing up, my Gramma was always sewing and crocheting and knitting and baking, and I know my love of crafts stems from spending so much time with her. And because she was the crocheting queen, today’s Wednesday Whale Love is crochet-themed!

I bet you were wondering where that was going. And yes, nearly half of my family was born in February. I guess May is just a busy month for us.

Check out these potholders!

I don’t know that my Gramma made potholders. I think she mostly stuck with blankets, sweaters, and hats.

This tissue box cover is adorable:

If only I didn’t already have a whale-embellished square one! And hadn’t spent a fortune on those special square boxes of tissues! J/k, I love my tissue box. My friend Traci got it for me!

And this amazingly detailed humpback whale pattern!

Now, I’m not a crocheter. My Gramma taught me once, swore I’d never forget, and I forgot almost instantly. And I have no interest in it because it’s tedious and I can’t watch Netflix while I do it. But if there was ever a reason to learn, this whale would be it!

Hope your Wednesday isn’t too chilly :)

Pardon my southern drawl!

Work stories 04

You may be wondering, “Where is the rest of that man’s hair?” I also wondered that.

Happy birthday, Joey!

Today is my brother Joey’s birthday! Because we are so close in age, I don’t have  any memories from before he was born and he is my oldest friend.


We’re both picky eaters and have similar tastes in food. And by similar I mean equally limited.


Because our birthdays are so close, we always shared a party. And sometimes a cake!


He’s smart and funny and fearless! And I’m glad he’s my brother :)

fearless joey

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