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Wednesday Whale Love #60

While hunting for a birthday present for my brother, I happened upon a boat load of beautiful whale accessories on Etsy! So strange that that happened…

This really neat necklace:

This cute little brooch:

I actually received a similar one in the mail last year around my birthday! I wear it on my jacket :)

And this cool bag:

I can make my own totes, but I love how SBMathieu makes her own stamps! Her whole shop is cute, check it out if you have a few minutes!

Wednesday Whale Love #59

Over a year ago I bought the CUTEST whale ring EVER from this adorable little shop on Etsy called Pica Pica Press.

The girl (lady? woman? I’m terrible with ages/ the appropriate title for people) who ran it, Laura, made amazing jewelry with all sorts of neat designs. This was my all time favorite ring and I wore it all the time, even though I got that little flipper caught in my tights a lot and ruined many pairs.

Just recently, I lost it! I have no idea where I put it and can’t find it anywhere. And Pica Pica Press is CLOSED so I can’t get a new one! Devastating.

Which leads me to this week’s Wednesday Whale Love: the search for the replacement whale ring!

First choice replacement by Fifth Heaven:

I like this one because it’s not too big, is silver colored, and you can order it in half sizes (as I can wear a 7.5 ring on, like, 5 of my fingers).

Second choice replacement by Christine Domanic:

I like that it has Moby Dick in the name, aha. But I can’t tell how thick the band is because it isn’t shone on a finger and I really need that visual. Plus you can only get it in whole sizes and that might not work for me.

Third choice by I Adorn U:

I’m not sure if this is silver or brass, and also it’s WAY EXPENSIVE! It does comes in half sizes (7.5), but that tail looks kind of pointy.

So, in conclusion, if you happen across any whale rings in your internet travels, please share them with me! Also, my birthday is coming up so if you wanted to just buy it for me, well, that would be cool too (again, size 7.5).


Hope you’re staying warm on this frosty Wednesday!

Introducing: pencil pouches!

That’s right, folks. You can now find pencil pouches in The Tragic Whale shop!




And for only $7.50!

I’ve got a few more items to list before turning in for the night. Happy Tuesday!

Panda learns to drive.

With my parents away last weekend and no one to tell me, “No,” I thought I’d teach Panda to drive!

He had to stand on my lap because his feet don’t reach the pedals. Obviously.

photo (9)

Projects: boxy makeup bag

My Mom likes to hold onto things. Forever. As long as it doesn’t break or get a hole in it then it’s still perfectly fine to use. So it should be no surprise that she’s used the same small makeup bag for over 20 years. And she would have kept using it had her friend (Jackie) not made fun of her for it.

She asked if I could make her a new one. I said yes. I showed her my new, big makeup bag. She didn’t like it. So I set to work on a new pattern. Thanks, Jackie.


I decided to make a boxy bag because she wanted the zipper to go down the sides. I used heavy interfacing so it would hold its shape really well, and used nylon lining so that it won’t get stained with makeup.

At one point when I was sewing up corners and turning it right side out, it looked like a little house!


Here it is:


Out with the old and in with the new:


I think it came out a little too tall but being a prototype I expected that might happen. In the future I’ll aim to make them shorter and longer, but my Mom loved this one and that’s all that matters!


Today we’ll be redecorating my imaginary living room!

This lovely rug to go under the coffee table:

These beautiful pillows to liven up the sofa:

And this adorable shadow box to decorate those plain, boring walls:

Have you come across any interesting whale finds lately?


Ruffled bag flap diy

One of my favorite bags to make is the ruffled wristlet because I always get lots of compliments when I carry one around with me. But they’re so much more involved than most of the other bags I make because of the ruffle. Today I’m going to show you how to make your own ruffled flap!

ruffle clutch attack 113

You will need:
– 2 half circles of fabric (for the top and bottom of the flap)
– 2 circles of fabric (for the ruffle)
– interfacing
– sewing machine
– patience

Lets’ get started!

You want to start by getting your fabric pieces together, which I did before I started taking pictures. My bad. I actually trace the pattern right onto the interfacing with a pencil, iron it onto the fabric, and then cut it out. Here I have the top and bottom parts of the flap and the two circles.


DON’T CUT OUT THE LITTLE CIRCLES YET! Well, you can if you want but I find it easier to leave them in for now.

Fold one of the circles in half and draw a line along the edge, then pin the circles together (piece with the line on top)


Sew from the middle circle to the outside edge, following the line you drew, and then all the way around the outer edge. When you get all the way around, follow the line back down, making sure to leave a gap between the two thread lines. You’re going to cut down the middle of these and don’t want the seam to fray or fall apart because you had to cut too close to the thread.


Cut down that line, and then the circle out  of the middle:


Then nip the corners off so it’s easier to turn out.


Turn the fabric right side out and then push the corners out. You can just use your fingers but I like to use a letter opener because it helps give them crisper points.


I like to sew around the edging to give it a more finished look, but this part is optional.


Next we’re going to pin our future ruffle to the bag’s flap. Fold one of your flap pieces in half and mark the halfway point with a pencil. And fold your circle piece in half just so you know where the middle is.


This is where you want to start pinning. Attach the circle to the right side of the fabric, starting in the middle and working down each side. Your first pin should be in the center with your pencil mark, and the circle will come out the top like a halo.  Make sure you’re pinning the open side of the circle, that way all the unfinished parts will be hidden inside the flap.


It’s going to look like a taco. And the other side will look like this:


See?! The ruffle is appearing!

Lay the other flap piece, fabric side down, over the ruffled part, and use the pins to attach both sides together.


Once your pins are secured through both flap pieces, sew along the curved edge only.


Now pull it right side out! You should have something that looks like this:


Check the edges to make sure you sewed in all parts of the ruffle. I usually pull gently, and re-sew over any parts that pull out.

I like to go over the edging again, like with the ruffled part, but again this is optional. This bag will feature a magnetic snap, too, so I made sure to add that on before sewing it to the bag itself.


And there you go!


Tips on making your own pattern:

– Make sure your circles are just a little smaller than your two flap pieces combined. I’m sure I could have used some math when doing this, but I just stuck with trial and error. If you make the circles too big then the extra ruffle fabric hangs out the end of the flaps and gets sewed in weird places when you put the bag together.

– A math compass is your friend! No need to try to line up lopsided circles. If they’re exactly the same, they can fit together any which way.

Hope this was clear, let me know if I need to clarify anything. Happy sewing!

Work stories, 03

The case of the wrong name!

work stories 03Usually when I think someone is being rude or creepy, I ignore it. But in this case, I wasn’t even helping this guy! He was 1) at another counter, 2) interrupting the work-related conversation I was having with my own customer, and 3) a super creep.

Missing wine mystery solved.


Wine incident

The alfredo incident.

alfredo incident

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