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Recent projects

Here are just a few things I’ve been working on lately:

New packaging for items (in part because this mail guy at the post office keeps telling me my packages are “too flat” and will only send them as envelopes. This wouldn’t be a problem except that it messes up my shipping charges and I can’t get delivery confirmation. So it’s kind of a problem.)

new packing )

Some new, larger bags. I had a hobo bag pattern I’ve used in the past, but it wasn’t my own and one of my major shop goals has been to create and use my own patterns.

owl bag)

erlerphant bag

And the baby seat cover!

baby seat cover)

Almost 6 months ago, my friend’s mom asked if I could take a look this thing and either make a new one or fix it. Naturally, I said yes and have done neither.

I wanted desperately to make a new one, but there are so many indents and shapes that every time I try I just can’t wrap my head around it. So I have resolved to 1)re-pad the crap out of it and 2) not work on another project until this is completed.

Have you been working on any fun (or not-so-fun) projects lately?


Normally I don’t peg an entire Etsy shop for this, but my friend Megan shared this one with me and not only is it adorable, it has some super cute whale things in it.

Hastings Studio has some incredible, hand-crafted paper goods for sale. Let me share my favorites with you!

Whale calendar. Because I love whales and I love knowing what day it is.

Because there is no bigger way to express thanks than with a whale:

And my favorite (along with with the calendar and the thank you card, obvi):

Because there is NOTHING cuter than whales in love.

Hope your Wednesday isn’t dragging! And if you’re still searching for some holiday gift ideas, definitely check out Hastings Studios and Megan’s jewelry shop!

The sock incident.

All my mom wanted for her birthday was socks. So I made sure that everyone at her party gave her a brand new pack of them :)

fashion advice 30

Panda, the destroyer.

We had especially bad weather today. Lots of rain and lots of thunder. And this little guy:


hates thunder. When we’re home it’s not that bad. Panda will jump in our laps, hide under my desk, hide behind my mom’s printer. But when he’s home alone, it’s a different story.

This is what my mom found when she came home today:


He had a rough day.

Money book case

I’ve been looking for a clever box to keep my money in for craft fairs. Right now I keep it in a little clutch I made that I messed up on (though I always get compliments on the print!), but it’s super impractical because all the money just ends up lumped together and it takes me too long to give change.

Naturally I gravitated towards two of my favorite things for inspiration: books & hiding places!

I used a philosophy text-book left over from college, Mod Podge, and a couple of magnets.


I started by Mod Podging the top and bottom pages to the cover of the book.


Then I separated the top and bottom sections with wax paper, leaving enough top section pages to embed a magnet. The wax paper creates a non-stick separator between the sections, allowing you to pry them apart later. Secure the book shut with rubber bands and paint the edging with Mod Podge. Apply several coats, letting them dry completely in between.


Just checking to make sure the pages stay together!


Place your magnet and trace it so you know where to dig out pages and to make sure your dollar pits won’t run into it. Also, trace out the pits you’re going to dig out to hide your dollars in.


This part was a little bit of a guessing game. I would cut out a few layers of pages then test to see how well the magnet fit. I continued until the top was flush with the pages.


Cut out your dollar pits, one at a time. I cut the two outside parts first, coating the insides completely with Mod Podge before cutting the center one. This way those slim dividing pieces are secure and you’re less likely to cut through or rip them.


Glue your magnets in place with some real serious glue.


When everything is dry, fill it with dollars!


Then close it. See? To the untrained eye, this book simply looks like it has some messed up pages.


Place on a bookshelf, take to a craft fair, leave in your car while at the beach. Happy hiding!



My friend Jay shared this adorable necklace with me last week:

This ornament is beautiful:

And this print is to die for:

It reminds me of the ship from The Life Aquatic!

Hope your Wednesday is going swimmingly :)

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