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Hurricane checklist.

Hurricane Sandy is coming to my house tomorrow (allegedly), so my car insurance company sent me an emergency check list of things to do in preparation. But it was all super boring and not helpful. They want me to  create a Family Emergency Plan and take loose objects out of the yard. That’s silly and my Dad already did that! (respectively)

Here is my revised and more relevant list:

– Put back-up battery in alarm clock so I don’t have to reset it if we lose power. CHECK!

– Charge camera, in case something interesting happens. CHECK!

– Charge Kindle, in case I can’t find a book on my shelve worth reading (and because the book I’m currently reading is on said Kindle). CHECK!

– Buy $75 worth of assorted batteries to fit in my assorted flashlights (did that in August!). CHECK!

– Nap? Because all that prep work was exhausting. Happening now!

Now I just have to hope that if Massachusetts declares a state of emergency they do it before I leave for work in the morning.

Wednesday whale love, pumpkin edition.

This one is from Talk 2 the Tree‘s pumpkin carving contest from last year.

Jonah and the Whale is a cute idea:

What whale/ pumpkin post would be complete without a Fail Whale?


The spicy Doritos incident.

Wednesday whale love: whale costume edition.

With only two weeks until Halloween, it’s time to start seriously thinking about a costume. If  you were thinking about going as a whale, here are some great costumes I found.

This is the most realistic one I came across:

Gotta love Green Peace for making great statement costumes.

This blue whale is super cute! But I can only image how hard it would be to maneuver around a party while wearing it:

I want to get this for Panda!

Normally I don’t like Orca whales because they’re so mean, but at the expense of making Panda look adorable? C’mon. I can’t hate on that.

Happy costume hunting!

Clearance event in the shop!

I’ve been thinking that instead of offering a BUNCH of different bags in my shop that I’m going to start focusing on just a couple of styles. And to get ready for the new inventory I’ve been working on, The Tragic Whale Etsy shop is having a clearance event! EVERYTHING has been drastically reduced to move.

So go check it out, tell your friends, and help me make room for some new stuff!


Thanks, Google.

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