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Denny’s adventure, part 2

Foxwoods trip: the Denny’s adventure.

I didn’t know how to draw the 5 of us sitting in a booth.

Also, my brother is a vegetarian and always subs out the meat in a sampler for more cheese. Always.



Foxwoods trip, part 1

Wednesday Whale Love :)

My friend Kevin shared this really neat bottle opener with me:

This trinket box would look great on one of my bookshelves!

And if I had a house, I would want to have these right by the front door so all my guests could hand their coats and bags!

Kerry’s car game!

That’s right, I have my own, very elaborate car game! And because my parents, brothers and I are taking a mini vacation together, I decided it was time to add the amendments and print out some new score cards.

I try to include specific instructions for each piece of the game, and you’re probably already familiar with some parts of it. I keep a clip board loaded with score cards in my car at all times :)

Wednesday whale love!

I normally don’t eat sandwiches because I don’t like how it feels when I get bread stuck to the roof of my mouth (a common occurrence), but if I did I would totally get this sandwich cutter:

This crayon holder is super cute and super practical. It’s like 2 toys in one!

And these adorable little patches:


Gotye + Call Me Maybe + Mom = confusion.

I posted this video on my Facebook because I really like the song (and then spent the next half hour/ 45 minutes hunting for a download). And my Mom, upon seeing it, came all the way down stairs to discuss it with me. That’s a long trip for her, and I actually thought something was wrong.

“Kerry, I just watched that video. So what happens, if she pushed that button then the police were going to come for her?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well because at first I thought she called the police, but then I saw the box and I thought it had to do with that button!”

“Uhm, yes? I really don’t know.”

“Ok but THEN I thought, well why couldn’t they push the button? What do you think it all means?”

“I didn’t really watch the video. I just like the song.”


“What’s wrong?”

“I thought it was deeper than that.”

I kind of feel bad that it wasn’t  deeper than that.

If I were a unit of measure…

1 Kerry would equal:

65 inches

5.41 feet

1.8 yards

.001026 miles

Mom accidently leaves me a voicemail.

My Mom likes to tell us that she’s getting a smart phone. She likes to say she can use it to check Facebook and keep up with her banking. She tells us that she needs it because computers are big and phones are small, and she’ll get so many free apps for it.

And we like to say, “Mom, you barely use the phone you have. The battery dies all the time because you forget about it and don’t charge it. You struggle every time you use it. And you think you can handle a smart phone?”

Case in point, yesterday she tried to call and ask if I was home to feed the dog. I was at the beach, in the water, and it took me a minute to get to land and dig my phone from the bottom of my bag. I missed the call and tried to call back, and when she didn’t answer I knew she was leaving a voicemail. And she can’t figure out how to toggle from one call to another. So I waited a moment and tried again.

“Hi, sorry, I’m still at the beach and I was in the water,” I said.

“Oh, that’s ok… ” she said. “So I guess you aren’t home to feed the dog, huh?”

“No, I said I probably wouldn’t be.” As I say this I hear the tell-tale background BEEP-BEEP of a voicemail notification. “Oh, I just got your voicemail.”

“I didn’t leave one.”


“All right. Bye.”

“See you later. Love you, Mom.”


Here’s the voicemail she “didn’t” leave:

“She- This is her message: Kerry kerry bo berry, blah blah blah blah blah bo kerry, leave me a message for, Kerry. She sounds like a friggin’ idiot! But this is what happens, when someone calls, she picks up-” then is cuts off.

This is not an isolated incident. Who’s ready for a smart phone?

Pillow project

A couple of months ago my brother asked if I would make him some throw pillows for his new apartment. We were at Ikea and he picked out this really cool fabric, and I set out to find some plain white pillows that I could just make covers for (because every time I stuff something with poly-fil I think it turns out lumpy). Naturally, they went onto my ever-expanding to do list…

Part of the problem was I couldn’t find any plain white throw pillows, but I found these at Michael’s and they’re excellent!

I made a pattern half an inch larger than the pillow dimensions and got to work.

I just made the squares, tucked the pillows in, and sewed the openings shut. I was going to add zippers but Joey said he didn’t care about taking the covers off to wash them. Here’s the first one:

I was only going to make 3 but I think I have enough fabric to make 5 or 6. I can’t wait to see if he likes them!

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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