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Wednesday whale love :)

Who doesn’t need a good pair of rain boots? Especially if they’re covered in whales!

This necklace is absolutely beautiful:

And I LOVE this door knocker!


Stationary DIY

I recently found some awesome whale stamps at A.C. Moore and decided I could use them to make my own stationary. Here’s how!

You will need:

– computer or type writer
– paper
– paper cutter
– some fun stamps
– ink

Let’s get started!

I’m going to use my computer on this one. In Microsoft Word, I separated my page into two columns and slapped some words on there. I went with “from the desk of the tragic whale” but feel free to change it up a bit.


Cut the pages in half using the paper cutter. Now you have a bunch of perfect little pages that fit just right in an envelope! (I always run into a problem with full-sized sheets. Is there even a way to fit them in an envelope without making them look awful?!)

Get your ink and stamps ready because it’s time to jazz up your pages. You can stamp anywhere on the page, so get creative. Maybe you create a series using the same design but placing it in different spots on the paper. I like continuity so I put all mine in the same spot.

And you’re done! As long as the ink is dry, your stationary is ready for use. I’m going to use some of mine right now :)

Tablet case project

A couple of weeks ago, my friend asked if I could make a case for his tablet. I said, “Of course!” and mentally added it to the list of craft projects I plan to complete in the next year and likely won’t.

“And I want it to be able to slide in,” my friend said.

“I can do that.”

“And I want the front open, because it’s a touch screen and I want to still use it when it’s in the case.”

“Uhm, ok……………..”

“And it needs a little opening for the power button so I can turn it on and off when it’s in the case.”

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!” I yelled out.

“Whoa. Calm down. Or you can just make a little zipper pouch for it.”

“Consider it done!” I said.

But then: Game Changer.

“Here,” my friend said. “Take my tablet with you so you’ll know how big to make it.” Aka please take my expensive electronic gizmo to your klutzy, mountain dew infested, drowned electronic world where everything nice goes to die. Especially phones. And I realized this would not be a a year project.

Aha, see what I did there? I traced the tablet, drew on where the buttons are, and then taped my tracing to a book of roughly the same size. And I gave the tablet back. To protect it. From a notorious electronics serial killer.

Then I actually got to work! This was the first one:

But I thought I could make it a little tighter. And maybe cooler? So I reworked the pattern a little and made this one:

I was pretty happy with how they turned out until I gave them to my friend. They’re WAY TOO BIG! It’s a good thing I made a pattern so I can adjust it and try again :)

Cosmetic case project

I’m always looking to give myself some new projects because it’s important to keep my brain active. If it isn’t active then all it wants to do it turn into a veggie and play the Sims non stop. Is it fun spending hours creating a massive town and giant family trees? Yes. But is it productive? Honestly, I can’t give you a solid ‘yes’ or’ no’, so I’ll have to say ‘unknown.’

Last week I got some awesome fabric from Ikea covered in birds and I’ve been trying to find a use for it. I try to buy fabric with a project in mind because I have a tenancy to horde it for a ‘special’ project, and then that special project never happens and I’m left with a bunch of fabric I’m saving and am afraid to use.

I wanted to make sure that I played up the birds. Like, made them a focal point instead of letting them get lost in something bigger, like a beach bag.

I went with cosmetic bags! Each bag will feature a bird, and even though I was tracing crazy all over the fabric, I still used most of it. I try not to waste when I can avoid it.


I wanted them free standing and with a loop to hold onto while you’re unzipping them. Ch-check.

I ran out of heavy-weight interfacing so the project is currently on hold, but here are the first ones:

They’ll be popping up in the shop soon!

Wednesday whale love: Mugs!

I love mugs because they’re great to drink from AND store things in! Here are some whale mugs I came across recently :)

I like how the whale on this one is spraying flowers instead of water:

I’m all about the iPhone whales, even though I don’t have an iPhone:

And the fail whales. Gotta love ’em!

Fashion advice #25

The case of the backward compliment…

Photo an hour, my brother’s graduation

Yesterday my brother Joey graduated from Framingham State University! And we (me, Mom, Dad, our younger brother Bob) all went up to watch and celebrate!

8:30: Signing cards! I couldn’t find just the right card, so I got two. Yeah, that’s a birthday card.

9:30: Laying out my outfit.

10:30: Nachos, breakfast of champions!

11:30: While walking Panda before we left I spotted some bumble bees!

12:30: Driving up to Framingham I noticed a big scratch on my brother’s leg.
Me: “Bob, how’d you get that cut on your leg?”
Bob: “I was sad.”
Bob: “No, but seriously, I fell.”

1:30: The graduation ceremony finally started with a bag pipe procession.  Almost everyone stood to listen and try to see (which was impossible because EVERYONE was standing). We were ready for it to end.

2:30: Sharing some of my snacks with Bob.

3:30: After the graduation we all went to check out Joey’s new apartment! My Mom found several reasons why it was “under code.”

4:30: Dinner at Uno’s! The waitress brought free dessert :)

Nap happened. We lost a lot of time.

7:30: After the graduation I headed out to watch Game of Thrones with my friends Kevin and Claire.

8:30: I love this little donkey by their door. And he has a sign because Claire graduates this year, too!

My favorite thing about Spring…

Lily of the Valley!

Around the beginning of May my favorite flower starts popping up all over the yard! They grow in little clusters around some of our trees, like little families. And they smell so sweet and fresh! I love to put them in my room :)

And I just learned on Wikipedia that they’re poisonous. Huh.

What’s one of your favorite things about Spring? Poisonous or not!

Wednesday Whale Love

Summer fun edition!

This bathing suit:

I bought the top at one Target and skipped the bottoms because they were out. Then I found the bottoms at another Target a week later and completed the outfit :)

This is the perfect beach bag:

And it’s kind of sand colored so it won’t show when it’s dirty! Look at this girl, always thinking.

And to complete your whaletastic beach adventure:

I wouldn’t even bring it to the beach. I would use it as a house coat.

Long, crafty weekend :)

I took an extra day for my weekend to get some errands done, but I also did a lot of sewing! I’ve been focusing on new patterns lately, and really trying to think out of the box. This is hard because basically anything you can think up has already been done by someone, somewhere.

Today I worked on some change purse key chains:

I don’t like how the strawberry turned out but I LOVE strawberries so I’m working on some new starwberry ideas!

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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