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The many faces of Kerry

Some might say I’m overly-expressive with my face. Let me just say, it’s hereditary and mothers are the carriers.  My brothers also suffer this affliction.


A year of Cadbury eggs!

When I was an RA I tried to keep a stocked bowl of candy in my room so that residents/ friends always had something to munch on. Actually, even before that I tried to keep candy in my room at school. Freshman year we had a whole drawer full right by the door!

The point is, I like having a jar of candy at my disposal because, let’s face it, I eat most of it. I still keep a jar in my room but because it’s so far away from my desk I don’t eat quite as much of it (well, it just takes longer to get through, unless my brothers are home because they kill it. Mostly the candy is for them, aha).

Last week I decided to clean out my jar and fill it with Cadbury eggs. They’re 75% off right now so that’s smart spending. And because chocolate basically lasts forever as long as you don’t melt or freeze it they can last me though next Easter!!! (If you think that’s gross think about this: in order to produce enough eggs for the Easter demand, Cadbury eggs are made YEAR ROUND and horded until the holiday hits.) I’ll have a year of Cadbury eggs!

Beautiful, huh?

I have a few extra to stuff in there when the supply depletes :)

How-to write a cover letter

It’s spring, and a lot of people are graduating from college soon and need jobs. Yikes!

Actually, if you need a job for when you graduate in a month you probably should have started applying at the beginning of March so… get on that!

“But Kerry!” you might be thinking. “I can fill up a resume no problem but I get hung up on cover letters!”

Well, me too. It’s hard for me to say nice things about myself and be SERIOUS about it! I can prance around all day saying, “I’m awesome!” or, “I’m hirarious!” or, “I’m a riot!” but I say it with a smirk or a twinkle in my eye so that people know I’m joking. Patty raised a litter of humble kids, gosh darn it! And I generally try to stay true to my roots.

BUT NOT ON COVER LETTERS! Unless you’re 24 and like living with your parents (ahahahhahah, that’s me).

STEP ONE: Why you want the job!

I want this baking job because I love cookies. I want to work at PetCo because I love washing puppies.

STEP TWO: Why you’re good for it!

You’ve been baking for 12 years and have a slew of tried and true recipes to bring to the table? You volunteer at an animal shelter over the summer and love puppies?

STEP THREE: Examples of how awesome you already are!

You won the “Best Cookie” award at last year’s Peach Festival? You once rescued 12 puppies from a burning building and made front page of the local newspaper? These are the things you want to share.

STEP FOUR: Conclusion!

Make it snappy, these people have hundreds of applications to read.

All my love,
(pick a different valediction than this one)


(Special thanks to DMo on this one!)

Remember to write a new cover letter for each job you apply for! You may be able to get away with a standard resume but if you tell the bakery about how much you love puppies they are going to get confused and ignore you.

Good luck out there!

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 24

The case of the jeans…

This week on Wedneday Whale Love…

My friend Hildy found these beautiful salt and pepper shakers!


Quiz: What dinner party is complete without whale napkin rings?

No dinner party! No party is complete without whale napkin rings!

And this is just adorable!

My one concern is that my glasses might get crunched because I’m a Grade-A glasses cruncher. I need sturdy glasses and a hard plastic case for them, aha. I can’t have nice things.

New clutches :)

As I mentioned, I spent a good deal of time sewing this weekend. I basically like to commit from about 9 pm Saturday to 6 am Sunday to sewing if I can. Sometimes I just can’t do it. I can’t stay focused or I have to go clubbing (baby seals. Their pelts make the best clutches). Once in a while I pass out at my desk and wake up with sewing machine imprints on my face.

But this weekend was a success! I turned out a bunch of these:

You can see (some of) my whale place mat! And a lot of my darrrrk desk.

I’ve been trying to expand the variety of bags in my shop and I think these will make a nice addition!

Question for you ladies: When you look at small bags, do you prefer ones with handles or ones without? I like both (depending on size and shape)!

Hulu’s keeping tabs?

I spent a large amount of time this weekend sewing and simultaneously watching Hulu. So much time, apparently, that this popped up:


Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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