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Funny Situations starring Panda, part 2

Yes, you’ve guessed it! My parents went on a mini vacation and left some very specific instructions for my brother. “Bob isn’t allowed to have people over. And Kerry isn’t allowed to put the dog in any appliances.” Then my brother posted that on facebook and two things happened:

1) I remembered (because I had actually forgotten!) that I was planning another “Funny Situations” for this very week!

and 2) I thought of some new places to put Panda.

Like in the new cabinet in the bathroom:

And in the oven:

And in the microwave:

(Side note, how cute is that sweater?!)

You might think I’m cruel, but I got him that sweater for Christmas! And I was the only one in the whole family to get him any gifts at all.

And I paid him handsomely for his cooperation in this photo shoot with cheese and dog biscuits.

This is where he asked me to please stop putting him in scary places:

“No, Kerry! Stop it! Just stop!” is what I imagine him to be thinking.

Panda wasn’t hurt before, during, or after these pictures were taken. For the record.

Wednesday Whale Love, v15

I got two really great whale things for Christmas! And I wanted this other whale thing which I didn’t ask for and I don’t think they make. But first, here is the whale mug my cousin got for me!

I lined it up with my Mom’s mug (boring white one) and Dad’s mug (fun swirly one). Also, mine contains orange juice because I don’t really like coffee.

My brother made me this (kind of gross) picture!

I guess when he showed it to my Dad, the conversation went something like this:

Joey: “Look what I made Kerry for Christmas!”
Dad: “Oh neat! What’d you use for the fly?”
Joey: “A dead fly I found in a windowsill.”
Dad: “Oh. Ick.”

And I wanted something like this:

But I guess they don’t make whale tape dispensers. Which is silly because they make SNAILS and who likes a slimy worm that wanders around leaving a sticky film?

Not this girl.

I was able to find this how-to on the internet though, so I’ll probably just make my own. AND THE INTERNET SAVES THE DAY!

ruffled wristlet

My cousin came over today and we tried this pattern from BurdaStyle.

The directions were a little confusing, so (naturally) I didn’t really look at them once I figured out what it was supposed to look like when it was done.

And here they are! This one is mine:

And this is my cousin’s. If she had an etsy or blog or website I would link to her. But she doesn’t.

And I’m posting this picture without permission soooooooo… hope that’s ok! But isn’t it beautiful?! You can’t tell by looking but it’s got purple on the inside!

my continuing struggle with the thermostat

My parents recently acquired a new heating system and because I still live with them, I get to reap the benefits for FREE (almost)!

The old thermostat we had in the downstairs (where I sleep) was a joke. You’d set it on 60°, it would say it was 70°, but it was REALLY 55°. Bad news for everyone.

This would happen a lot:

The new one is less of a joke, but I’m still struggling. It’s set on 67°, reads 68°, but feels like 60°. This is no bueno (the only Spanish I retained from 4 semesters in college). I’m still cold and confused.

I don’t want to waste the oil (that’s a lie) so I’m still dressed like a resident of Siberia.

But sometimes my mom will blast the heat. Like, right before I go to sleep. And I wake up sweating, thirsty, and still confused.

A lot of stumbling and clawing happens, hoping that my hands will work properly and that the temperature will magically correct itself.

Basically, I need to keep a sweatshirt with me at all times. In my house. Because I’m thermostat illiterate.

(Question mark glasses frames. Available in green, blue, and general confusion.)

What we ate: a long time ago!

Several months ago (we’re talking…. June or July), we made calzones! We found the recipe here which you can look at since (AGAIN!) I didn’t take any pictures of the process.

I don’t really remember making them. All I know is that we had to tuck everything in the dough, make slices on the top so they wouldn’t pop in the oven, and paint them with eggs.

And they were delicious!

whale makeup case

Available in “Alive and “Dead” hahahaha. I crack myself up.

’tis the season for ugly sweaters

Going to an ugly sweater party but don’t have anything to wear? This quick and easy ugly sweater DIY is just what you need.

an old sweater
green and yellow felt
pom poms
needle and thread
sewing machine (optional)

Again, it didn’t occur to take pictures as I went…

1) Cut out a tree shape from a piece of green felt. Then sew it onto the sweater! You can hand sew it, but a sewing machine is much faster. Either way, it doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s supposed to look terrible.

2) Cut out a star from the yellow felt, and sew that onto the sweater too.

3) Sew on some pom poms!

4) There is no 4, you’re done!

No go win that ugly sweater contest!

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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