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Wednesday Whale Love, v11

I love reusable water bottles, like this one!

But ONLY if you can put them in the dishwasher. I’m too lazy to clean a water bottle by hand.

Wind up whale toys!

Say goodbye to boring baths..? I don’t take baths anymore, so I think if I had these I would end up hosting whale races in the bath tub. And we’ll bid in buttons ahaha.


Again, I don’t have an iPhone. And I don’t think I want one. But these are just the cutest! Necklace? Yes! Buy two and make earrings? Yes! Friendship necklaces with a friend? YES!

Well, that wouldn’t work because I don’t have any friends.

Just kidding. I have a million friends. Just kidding, I only have one friend. Just kidding, I have a few friends, who have friends, and I’m friends with all their friends. Just kidding, I don’t share friends. Just kidding, I share friends but I don’t share food. Just kidding, I share all my food with everyone. Just kidding! Just kidding! Just kidding!

(That was for my brother!)

Funny Situations starring Panda

Last year my parents went away around Christmas and this happened:

He also spent some time in a cabinet, the hamper, the dryer, and the dishwasher. I don’t know how it happened, and I don’t know who he got to take the pictures, but needless to say, it happened.

And there’s a lot of potential for more Funny Situations starring Panda this year!

If you were me, and you had a dog you called Panda, and Panda was very trusting of you, and Panda really liked cheese, and Panda would stay just about anywhere if he though cheese would get in his mouth, where would you put him?

Comment or email your suggestions now!

Kendra’s Library

Recently, my friend Kendra sent me a suggestion for a new whale story. And this is what came of it:

Kendra’s Library… A Tragic Whale Story

Like any intelligent whale, Kendra was always looking for ways to expand her knowledge and better herself.  And what better way than to petition for a library in her town?!

But she was unable to gain support in her community.
“We don’t have money in the budget,” one town official said.
“We could barely afford this new neon sign pointing towards the town hall,” said another.
“It will never be!” said a third.

But Kendra wasn’t about to take no for an answer. She called on the town to help her raise money for the library.

It took a long time and many bake sales, car washes, and grants, but Kendra finally collected enough money to build her library! And because she hired an independent contractor, instead of the town contractor, the library shot up almost overnight.

The officials that tried to keep her down were so pleased, they offered to let Kendra cut the ribbon on opening day. “As if I wouldn’t,” she thought.

Whales of all ages rushed through the doors and admired the shelves and shelves of books. No one touched them, though. They were waiting for Kendra.

She carefully selected one and slowly opened it. Disappointment spread over her face. Not a word could be read! The water was causing all the ink to run!

The ink started drifting around in the current and some got in Kendra’s eye. Within days she had developed a nasty eye infection.

The infection spread to her brain, and it wasn’t long before she succumbed to it. Kendra was never able to enjoy the library she worked so hard for.

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 13

The case of Thanksgiving with my uncle…

Wednesday Whale Love, v10

I saw a guy at work yesterday with a really awesome whale shirt! I tried to find it online and naturally couldn’t. But I found this instead which is still pretty cool. If you like zombies.

This is pretty interesting:

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society has this camera view of a life-sized whale. You can move the screen around and look at different parts of it up close. And you can hear whale/ocean noises!

Whale cake? Yes please.

So awesome!

Business cards :)

My business cards came in the mail today!This means two things:

1) When people buy things from my etsy, I don’t have to scramble to make a half-baked business card / thank you note and hope they remember me for future crafting needs. I can just send them my card and write thank you on it!

2) I’m official. Or at least I feel official.

It took me a long time to decide on them. First I didn’t “need” them. Then I was going to “make my own.” Then I was just going to wait until “next week” (and next week, and next week, etc).

And what about slogans and catch phrases?

The Tragic Whale. Killing whales since 2008.


The Tragic Whale. For laughs and crafts!

Is this a joke? Also, I’m not sure how I turned myself into a snake/bug/monster.

I almost put a dead whale on them, but I think that would be too confusing.

Finally, it was between this one:

And the winner!

I think I should have gone with the lighter background but it’s too late now! Plus, wouldn’t a crying whale be confusing? Like, “The Tragic Whale. Why is this whale crying? Is this something sad? I’m not looking at it, I don’t want to cry today.”

Thank you, Vistaprint, for making it easy to make business cards! For almost tricking me out of an additional $30! And for letting me know it would take a month to print and ship, and then sending my business cards a week later!

Screens and a bag

I have a problem with screens. Like moths to light. Or ants to anything sweet. If there is a glowing screen within sight, I usually get sucked into it.

Look, here I am watching TV:

And on the computer. I’ve been wasting HOURS on the computer. And I haven’t even been playing The Sims!

Tonight, I said, “No more!”

I dug through my fabric, found my pattern binder, and got to work on a bag.

Naturally, when I was almost done, I stopped and looked at my work. Like, really looked at it. It looked like this:

It was SUPPOSED to look like this:

(shape wise, not color)

So this had to happen:

And when it looked like this again

I decided to put it down for the night. Because sometimes, you just have to walk away for a bit.

(This was supposed to look frustrated but it came out more like a cave man.)

Lookin’ Fly

This morning we were definitely moving to a new Website. Now it’s up in the air. Basically, I can’t make up my mind about anything. And once I decide something I change my mind. Then change it back.

Then change it back again.

Then change it again.

Then I get a NEW idea, realize it won’t work, and get stuck in limbo. Welcome to limbo.

So I said, “Hey, I might as well try to make what we have better. So if we don’t move, we’ll still be lookin’ fly.”

Featured here is one of the banners I worked on last week. You might remember that angler from Louis’s New Friend.

I also added pictures to the side panel, which I JUST learned how to do!

And perhaps the best new feature… The Whale Story Directory!! Say you like the Tragic Whale Stories, but you think the rest of the Site is kind of lame.

And you’re like, “Oh, I don’t care what they ate.” And, “Oh, who cares about this girl’s mom, like, come on!”

You’re in luck!

All of the Whale stories are conveniently located in the directory for easy reading! New stories will appear at the bottom (probably with a NEW! next to them). And there’s a new story coming out soon, we’re just waiting on the pictures.

There’s also a new Links category (love, love) down under my picture so you see some of the blogs I like to read. Check them out, maybe you’ll like them too!

What we ate, chicken broccoli alfredo!

My friend found this recipe online, which he wrote on a scrap paper, and we have since lost. Even though it was only a couple hours ago!

Basically, cook 1/2 box flat pasta noodles, and in the last 4 minutes toss in a cup of cut broccoli.

Meanwhile, cube and pan cook a pound of chicken using oil or butter. We used butter.

Then, combine the noodles, broccoli, chicken WITH:

1/2 c cheese, we mixed parmesan and mozzarella

1/2 c milk

1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup

pepper, to taste.

Then eat!

Here are the pictures!

Cutting the broccoli.

Brewing a… brew… of noodles… Noodle brew.


Making a face.

Mixing things up.

Yum! With my hand lookin’ like a claw aha.

Wednesday Whale Love, v9

I love whales, and I love sewing. And this is just one of MANY amazing whale fabrics I found on Spoonflower:

If I had the wall space, I would definitely want this  for my room:

This is cute. And so clever I might try to make one myself:

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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