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Fashion Advice from Mom, episode 3

The case of the “new” skirt…

Fashion Advice from Mom, episode 2

The case of the very bright scarf…

Fashion Adivce from Mom, episode 1

The case of the showing slip…

The Loneliest Whale

This story was inspired by a REAL LIFE tragic whale story. The poor thing sings too high and doesn’t have any whale friends. To read the full article, click here!

The Loneliest Whale… A Tragic Whale Story


Ernest swam the seas all day, singing his whale song. He imagined he sounded like a tuba.


For some reason, though, none of the girl whales would give Ernest the time of day.


Ernest’s song became a song of sorrow. He spent his days in the ocean alone.


One day, Ernest met a friendly submarine. The sub slapped a tracking device on him and took off.


Ernest was confused, but because he didn’t know what the tracking device was and it didn’t hurt him, he went on his way.


Sometime later, the submarine returned and introduced itself as Ronald. He explained that Ernest was singing at a much higher frequency than all of the other whales.


“What if we record your song and play it back at a much lower frequency?” Ronald suggested. Ernest jumped at the idea and the two set off together.


For the first time in Ernest’s life, he was proud to hear his song. He even attracted the attention of a girl whale!


But she fell in love with Ronald and they swam off together, leaving Ernest alone again.


Ernest died of a lonely, broken heart.

Cam sends me a letter

And it is the BEST House of Leaves reference I have yet to encounter.

I drink A LOT of soda.

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